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Our Guarantee

Repairs & Restorations

10 Year Workmanship & Product Guarantee

Our business cares about quality & doing the job right the first time around! You can rest easy knowing that if you engage our repair or restoration services you will have a 100% guarantee that we will quickly fix any issues that arise for 10 years following the work we carry out on your roof.

The Facts....

For customers that get a full restoration, or re-bed & point repairs, we provide a 10 year guarantee on the area of your roof we do work on, including all materials & workmanship. Your guarantee (provided with your invoice at completion of work), ensures that;

  1. Materials used will not crack, peel or flake.

  2. Material used will not separate from the substrate they are applied to.

  3. Materials used shall not substantially change in colour.

  4. Pre-existing leaks that we engaged to fix as part of the origal contract or work order will remain waterproof or will be fixed free of charge should they reoccur. 

  5. This warranty is transferable to any future owner of the property provided we are notified in writing no longer than 90 days after the title transfer.

  6. This warranty covers the specific works performed by Anytime Roofing only.



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